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Mar 01, 2013



Can't wait to see what you create, I know it'll be amazing! And those sisters will be staring at you the whole time too! ;)

Emma Todd

I'll be very excited to see! Please keep kitty Fridays, they are so sweet. I swear I was chanelling you last week - I wasn't even aiming for it, but I ended up with my own kitty photo Friday when what was going to be a study of monochromatic, became my tabby posing his heart out. Cats!


I can't wait to see and flip through the new blog. I -really- relate with ya on putting off super important blog- and other business things- (like setting up a mailing list! business 101) all the time!


Oops, cut that off early. Was trying to say, we just gotta do it. No better time than NOW.


Best of luck with the move to WordPress. Your kitties are adorbs. :)

bubblegum casting

two very cute cats!

bubblegum casting


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