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Feb 27, 2013


Janine Vanderhoff

Good for you, Jena! Feels good to make a decision and commit, huh? Wordpress is awesome. Can't wait to see what you build with it. Scott & I both have big decision Overwhelm going on with the move. We know we have to deal with the house and I think I'm moving forward as best I can with it. S, on the other hand, has got the whole "I don't want to deal with this even though I really want the outcome" paralysis going on. So, it's been up to me to try and get him moving. O_o


I relate so much. It's a life struggle, not just about business. I am SO bad at making decisions. The thing I got from this was.... "it's never going to be a good time..." I know I procrastinate because of this issue. And 'not' making a decision is often making one.....? So does that translate to making the decision to not achieve anything you want out of life? I feel regret creeping in all the time. My other issue is safety, security, comfort. I like my cave.
I have a major decision to make around travel this year - travel of the creative kind. I have an opportunity to take a large amount of time off (paid)and am thinking of artist residency and workshop type travel O.S. Do you think I can make a decision?!! What if it's not the perfect experience? What if I waste money on it and don't really get what I need creatively out of it? What if it turns out to be an impulsive thing to do? What if....... Blah blah blah. Maddening! argh! Why can't I make decisions?
Thanks for listening. :)

Miss Modish

It does feel good! I built our Maven Circle site with WP so that makes me long for it here even more, knowing what I could be doing with it so much more easily! I know you guys have a lot a lot to think about. My hubs and I seem to alternate the "I don't want to deal with this" thing so it's good he has you to keep things chugging along right now, and I'm sure he'll help you move forward through something else in the future. Keep going, it's gonna happen and all work out how it's supposed to eventually! <3

Miss Modish

I'm with you with putting things off over and over, and perhaps you have to come to your own point of motivation to just decide already, but I have learned that no matter which thing I decide, as long as I just make a firm choice, it helps me feel better instantly.

And other thing to think about for you is...if you didn't take the opportunity (which sounds pretty darn amazing I must say) would you regret it later? There's going to be stuff that goes wrong with either decision you make, but which would fulfill you more, despite any fears you may have on the surface?

Thanks for sharing Jo, I always love hearing from you!


I am so glad that I found you this past month...I just wish I had found you earlier . Just the kick in the pants I need.

There are a changes comin' in my world. And I am getting more and more affirmation from outside sources (like this here post).


Heart Box Studio

What a great photo.....and congratulations on the move and the newly acquired inspiration! I am excited to see and hear about your move over to wordpress as I have been feeling the nudge as well. And I. Am. Not. Technologically. Savvy. At all. So there is that hesitation. But I think sometimes it is so much easier to take on all of the little projects that give me more instant gratification than the long arduous journeys that require more time, but in the end, leave me so much more fulfilled. Thanks for this:) And kudos on the self care! XO


I am definitely in a similar boat. I've been yearning to be self-employed for a few years now, but was never sure how or if it was a viable option for me! I put it off and poured all of my energy into other things (working for someone else), and I even avoided thinking about it too much. Because it's SCARY!
Maybe a bit of procrastination and indecisiveness is all part of the process though... When you are ready and you've really had enough and wake up and know that now is the time for change, then that is when it's the right time for change!
As for me, I know that now is the time... i just need to buckle down and get things in gear!
I look forward to seeing the new site!

Miss Modish

Hi Molly, Im glad you found me, too! Thanks so much for saying hello. Good luck with those changes up ahead and good for you for noticing all those signs around you that are pointing you in the direction you need to go. Happy weekend!

Miss Modish

Thank you Alyssa!! And GO YOU! I remember making that same transition and how scary it was, but its the most liberating feeling ever. Awesome that youre going for it!! Good luck with everything and Im here if you need some words of encouragement along the way! :) jena

Miss Modish

Thanks so much! And hey, if you ever need a web-designer to help, I work with an amazing team of designers! http://aeolidia.com/ I'd be hiring them myself if I wasn't a bit of a masochist ;) But I'm with you on the instant gratification stuff, I fall prey to it really easily so the bigger/more tedious stuff never gets done. I'm working on changing that! Good luck to you too! Thanks for saying hello :)

Melinda's Musings

Just came across you blog Jena, (via Going Home to Roost) and what a perfect post to stumble upon. Sometimes it seems like bloggers and small business owners have it all together - they know exactly what they want, and time is endless for them. Its refreshing to hear someone who's indecisive and has doubts - because that is ME TOO! I started my blog just a little over a year ago, and also want to start an Etsy shop, along with other projects, but sometimes I get stuck in my self-doubt. I'm so indecisive that I actually have FOUR different blogs! Sometimes I like to think I just have to go through my own process, but I think your advice to just make a decision and get it done is wise!

I also like your "note to self" to stop sacrificing your own projects in order to put everyone else first. This is another one that's difficult for me to do, as I like to please people, but there has to be a balance too - and sometimes that balance needs to weigh heavier on the YOU side!

bubblegum casting

Great photo thanks for sharing!

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