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Feb 06, 2013



<3 Lovely!





Miss Modish

Aw, thanks friends!! :)


BEST! Love!


That’s so lovely.

Down and Out Chic

Beautiful poem Jena! That was a joy to read.


Wow. Maybe you should try to find a little time to write more poems now and then! I loved this one, especially the first paragraph, because it is me! I must, in order to have a great day, enter it slowly and gently. Wonderful writing, and thank you for sharing it with the world!

Miss Modish

Aw, thanks so much Paige! So glad you enjoyed it :) I will try to write more. Nice to know you feel the same way about your mornings! I love them so. Happy weekend!

Lu Tinson

This is simply beautiful. I can taste the type of owning you describe and it's refreshing and hazy and calm and beautiful. What a fantastic poem to be able to taste a feeling. I also love and write poetry for my own pleasure :)

Lu Tinson

*morning, not owning....!!

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