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Jan 03, 2013



I've been struggling for a couple weeks about this, just posted about it too. Not sure what is up with me right now but I am going to take your approach and see what shakes loose. Thanks Jena! <3


So great Jena! Love this way of looking at life. Resolutions are tough, it's SO easy to break them then beat ourselves up for it! FEELS better to be a work in progress ;) Health is my number one goal (oops ;) for this year. Getting tougher on myself as far as diet and exercise are concerned because I know those two things are essential for optimizing and maintaining health. Sending big ol' hugs your way!


Yes! I feel the same! I wasn't looking for a quantitative goal and my mind kept wandering back to the word 'patience'. So that's what I'm sticking with this year and I blogged about it, too. So far I'm finding ways to be patient every day and I look forward to slowing down and learning more about myself this year. Very motivating post, thanks!


what a refreshing approach Jena! thanks for opening this window, this looks like apost l will be coming back to in the year to come


hear hear my dear!! ;)

Kelly Z

Awesome truly awesome Jena. I have just recently quit my job I held for seven years. Its very much out of my comfort zone and I am continually freaking out, but I am now choosing to just go with it and not look so far into the future and just see what happens. No pressure, I feel something good is coming though.

Miss Modish

Oh I feel ya, Aimee! I was feeling so stressed as soon as I started thinking about all the stuff I want to accomplish this year. I started to want to crawl into my procrastinatey shell. As soon as started thinking of it differently, it felt like weight off my shoulders and suddenly felt easy, or at least doable, and I was able to act- by writing this post! :) Wishing you luck to unshake the funk! Thanks for reading!

Miss Modish

Yeah, Im sick of that guilt cycle! They never work for me. Cant wait for you to be here to do Take it Outside Fitness with us!! Youre gonna love running around that volcano of ours :) Yay to a healthy 2013! Hugs!

Miss Modish

Yay, Valerie! I love that you heard that word seeping in and paid attention to it- I also have a resounding kind of word for the year thats my main driving focus (planning to post about that next week :) Cheers to slowing down and digging inward. Thanks for reading!

Miss Modish

Thanks for reading, Fani- so glad you like it! :)

Miss Modish

muah! :)

Miss Modish

Thanks for reading, Kelly! And good for you for following your gut- just keep moving toward something and youll find your path along the way. I love that you can feel something good is coming- hold onto that- it sure is! :) Good luck with everything!


i just wrote a blog post about how i'm going with how i want to FEEL this year, more than what i want to do. i chose 5 words to live by this year and although i'm only 3 days in, i feel great about it!

Miss Modish

Awesome, glad were on the same page! Its really helping me to think this way too- takes the pressure off in a good way. Heres to living our words this year! :)


Wow, your post really resonated with me. I've been a quite unsettled lately and overwhelmed by all I want to accomplish; a bit too focused on it to the point that it's thrown off my balance and made me cranky. I've been super focused on my two clothing boutiques and although I am usually good at balancing that with my family (husband and 2 year old), it has been a bit more difficult lately as I put too much pressure on myself to make my work as successful as possible. Your post really gave me a good perspective. Thank you for that (I think I'm going to make it a daily reminder that pops up on my phone). You have already succeeded in making a difference as you intended!

Miss Modish

Thank you so much, Erica! I totally know how you feel- that sense balance is oh so tenuous. I started thinking this way to try to relieve some of that pressure and it really has made a difference for me- hope it can for you too! Thanks for reading and sharing and for your very kind words! What you said really touched me.


LanaJoseph @ SQL Encryption

Very true, especially having married and handling our own business. Also it makes us think about ourselves a lot.

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