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Jan 10, 2013



Just what I needed to read and think about today. Thank you!

Miss Modish

Awesome! Youre welcome. Thanks so much for reading, Lori!


I was going to say the same thing. I needed to read this today. 100 things seems like a lot but I'm going to give it a shot. I need to remember all the little things too.

Miss Modish

Yes! Its all about the little things. Lots of little things on my list, and moments and experiences Im glad to have had :) You can do it!


Yep, that describes me to a T, and probably every self-employed person. Never satisfied where we're at, always pushing pushing pushing toward the next goal and never feeling satisfied. Going to write 100 accomplishments right now, this post came right in time for me. :)

Miss Modish

Hi Van! Yep, youre right- the curse of the self-employed. Im only just starting to escape out from under that feeling after 5+years, so youre doing good! It takes time. Glad this post spoke to you and thanks for saying hello!


Thank you Jena, I am going to do this exercise.


I feel like I totally needed to read this. This is confirmation that I really need to divorce the stress in my head and get some rest. I'm in that awkward 20-something stage and I can't seem to stop comparing my life with others. My mentor has been challenging me to be more content with myself. I believe that writing down my accomplishments will be a good exercise. Thank for sharing this! :D

Miss Modish

Oh gosh, I feel for you! I totally know where youre at and just so you know, I can say theres been a marked difference in how I feel about where I am in my life since turning 30- its a big shift. It really will get better in time and its awesome youre taking the steps to try to focus more on yourself and where you want to go, and less on how it compares with other peoples journeys. Keep at it and hope this exercise helps. Thanks for saying hello!


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