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Jan 31, 2013


Christine at Mai Autumn

I'm totally printing this out and posting it in my studio! This is just what I needed today, Jena! Always love getting your inspiration in my inbox :)

Miss Modish

Yay! That makes me very happy Christine! Glad you find it motivating and thanks for saying hello!


You are so right, I need a marketing plan! Thank you for your good solid advice Jena.

Miss Modish

youre welcome, thanks for reading!


This is awesome, and so very timely for me at the moment. We took a bit of a break from blogging and designing when we moved back to New Zealand and it feels a million times harder getting the ball *back* rolling than it did the first time around. Your advice has been exactly the inspiration I needed!


Re-reading this for the 2nd time!! It squashes any doubts that pop into my head! Thanks!

Miss Modish

yay! So glad its helpful!! :)

Miss Modish

Yes! So happy to help inspire and thanks for sharing- that means a lot to me! :)


absolutely love your positivity and words of encouragement!

I would like to work on marketing myself better...I actually wrote down a goal for myself earlier today...so, I am currently having my website redesigned, and my goal is to pay for marketing on one site (still undecided where yet) for 3 months to see what business that advertising brings in. i know that even just having my site redesigned will bring more business, but need to get myself out there in different ways as well!


I so needed this today. Writing out my to do list and scheduling on Hootsuite now! Thank you Jena, your blog always picks me up :-)


your advice is not only solid and super practical and doable but what sets it apart is your personal and thoughtful tone.Jena you are always an inspiration!


Thanks for this post. It's so true. You have to be vulnerable enough to put yourself and your work out.. People die everyday with ideas in their pockets. My motto is "Just do it" Like Nike!;-)) xo

Kris Keys


Just sent you a message as you were recommended by a dear friend. Loving this post! I love the idea of thinking of our creative work as something that other people need... it's true. And it's a mindset I used in other work for years, so this is lovely advice. Thanks for sharing. (Nice to "meet" you.)


Love it! :) Thanks for this lovely blog post!

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