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Oct 10, 2012



we don't have massive amounts of Swifts like you do .... but, we are happy to be alive to rake leaves {another natural phenomena} LOL..... tail wags ~moose


This is so nice! I have blue jays visiting my backyard pond/fountain, and just discovered that the dogwood tree in my front yard has edible fruit.


It was indeed spectacular! Let's go back again next year and maybe you can get that money shot! Ha

Emily @ Anna Delores

I love the fall, too! Just this evening I was walking out of a cafe and the air just SMELLED like fall, and I love it. We finally got some rain today. The heat has been especially persistent in So Cal this year (but I guess it lasts for awhile every year). Those swifts are so cool, and how amazing that everyone gathers to watch them!

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