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Oct 31, 2012



meee-yowwww sweetie!! love the last image!!!!


Oh it suits you! Love the makeup. I had the same draw towards being a deer this year... animal makeup is fun :-)


Dang, you look awesome.


I love this!! You look so great, you are the perfect lioness. I love the scarf & the rest of your lion collection. It's funny, I was just thinking this morning about how much fish stuff I've collected over the years (I'm a pisces). Lately I've been really drawn to Siamese fighting fish, and always figured if I was an animal I'd be a flying fish.
Although, I'd been working on a blog post today of some of my past halloween costumes (just put it up http://thelotusroot.com/archives/287 ), and hadn't realized (until seeing your post ) that my costumes through the years had sort of a big cat theme going on :) so I guess I've been kind of channeling some lioness / leopardess energy without even realizing it!
I also posted an old pic of my parents, who are both Leos. Gotta love Leos!!
Here's to owning our big cat fierceness!! Happy Halloween!!

amanda jane jones

adore this. :)


I love it! Meaningful finds at estate sales are the best kind of finds. Now I've got the bug to go discover some second hand treasures of my own. :)

Miss Modish

Yeah, I love finding goodies! I think almost all those lion things are actually from estate sales- hah! Thats weird. Hope you find time to get out and get thriftin! :)

Miss Modish

Oh, you're a pisces? That totally makes sense- I'm pisces rising! Thus the more gentle lion kinda thing ;) And prob. another reason it felt like we were so similar! And yeah you're definitely a fierce big cat in there too, mama! Hot! I loved that Bjork costume!!

Miss Modish

Thank you Amanda!! :)


your hair is amaaazing jena! be fierce!


thanks!! I knew you had to have some pisces in your chart! I was going to ask you if you had either a pisces or cancer moon, but pisces rising makes total sense!
It is pretty wild how much we have in common. I'm also reading the fire starter sessions, a group for the book sounds like fun!


I absolutely love your hair and it would look great long! Actually,that's one of the things that attracted me to your blog lol....curly girls unite!

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