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Sep 25, 2012


amy k

I could've written that myself. I totally hear you, commend you, want to be your friend ...

Miss Modish

Aw, thank you so much! You are so sweet to say that. Big virtual hug to you, Amy!!


I think a lot of people feel like this, with a struggle between wanting something for the self and wanting to work with people. My favorite book on working with people is the book Crucial Conversations by Kerry Patterson et al. It really explores the dynamics of communication and also supports the "agree to disgree" approach, where getting along doesn't always mean seeing eye-to-eye.

Whether striking out independently or talking things over with others, I hope it all leads to whatever happiness feels like to you.


Yep, we're so similar. I loved this post, Jena.


Going along to get along or changing who and how you are around other people will kill you spiritually.We all crave acceptance but it can only come when people can see the real you. I know because I learn the hard way about wanting to be everyone's friend or people pleasing.I learn to accept who and how I was and let the conversation flow and thus far it has worked. I really enjoyed reading this entry.

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