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Aug 14, 2012



Love this, especially your distinction between wants and needs. I feel like one without the other can sometimes solidify the funk - like parking yourself in front of the TV for hours on end, or not allowing yourself any guilty pleasure downtime.


Really good point about the wants & needs! I hadn't really thought about those when I was figuring up how to fix my bad day blues. Funny how you tend to focus on the bad mood instead of taking care of yourself in every way when things seem to be going wrong.

When you mentioned the 3 cups of coffee mornings, I realized something. I love my morning coffee, but when I know it's going to be a headache of a day ahead of me at the zombie job I gravitate towards a soothing cup of tea instead. Might have to add a nice cup of tea to my bad day blues remedies!


my husband has always had this perspective and at first it annoyed me but we choose to be in a bad mood and we can choose to get out of it!


I find green tea with honey very soothing also...more than coffee, which is what I tend to run to in times of stress, also just taking a walk, meditating or praying, reflecting on the beauty in nature...


Love this post. I find that starting with a quick run round my local park is a great way to clear my head, followed by a trusty cup of tea to bring me back from the dark side...


Hmmm... Good meditation, this post. I find it difficult to bring myself out of the "dark side", but I know that finding a minute to myself helps a lot (better with a little knitting or crochet) and trying to focus on everything that I am lucky to have, instead of dwelling on whatever is missing at a particular moment.

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