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Aug 03, 2012


Anna @ IHOD

You were and are one wise chic Jena! Its incredible hwo much your life can be lived to the fullest when you take points like this to heart. HAPPY BIRTHDAY and CHEERS to 30 - may it be blessed!


so awesome to see this glmpse of a young miss/maven!! you've got a good head on them shoulders of yours... looks like you always have. I LOVE YOU and Happy Day Before Birthday (HDBD)!!!!!!!! ;)

Muffin G

Cool insight! I too, am turning 30 in 5 days! Wow! I hope your birthday is fantastic and your 30's will be as wonderful as you hope them to be! Happy Birthday!


You are the coolest, birthday girl! It is totally true that our 20's get a little crazy with trying to figure it all out. 30 approaches and it is a wake up call to enjoy every precious day on our lovely planet Earth. I think as kids/teenagers, we really do have a lot of intuition about the world around us and who we really are deep inside that will never change, but growing up is such a struggle sometimes :) Have a great weekend and a very happy birthday!!!


Happy birthday! It sounds like you're an old soul, and that is a very cool thing!


wow! thats amazing. also cant believe you kept all your old journals. I always end up throwing mine out when I re-read them and get embarrassed. kudos to you!


Congratulations and happy birthday! The 30's are great. I feel like it took this long for me to find my place. Hope you love them as much as I do.


I think it is really neat that you took this time to reflect back on your journals. A couple of years ago I found a photo of myself at 14 and decided to put it by my bed. I know look at that photo regularly and try to make sure that my actions and decisions now would make that young girl proud. I am happy to be in touch you and your insightful self!

Happy Birthday to you!

Acanthus Nichole

For me reading old journals is super embarrassing and I marvel at my dorky teenyboper-ness. You, on the other hand, are composing sage advice for your 30 year old self!

Have a wonderful birthday weekend and welcome to the 30's!


Happy birthday! We have the same birthday (: I haven't been journaling as much as I used to, but it's always fun to go back and look at what you've written. This year I decided to make a year's bucket list!

Have a wonderful weekend!


I think we start out in the world knowing just what to do but the people we encounter and things we experience warps our sense of direction. It's easy to get confused about what's good in life, important. I find myself wistfully remembering the me I was before things and people changed me and I miss that girl. I admire her and want to be her again. I'm 31. WOOT! to emerging from our 20's mostly unscathed.. lol.

"Are there things you believed in when you were younger that have slipped thru the cracks of your adult life?" Certainly. I believed in man's innate inclination to explore. And fearlessness. And going it alone. I miss those days before they told me I should be scared of the wild. I miss experiencing wide-eyed wonderment at creation and life. But I am loving the journey back. Isn't it nice coming full circle?

I've loved every word of this post and just want to say "thank you" for reminding me to keep searching inside for the girl I started out in the world to be. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!


Happy Birthday!


Wonderful! Your younger self sure had some deep insight into how this whole life things works! Isn't it interesting and affirming to know that you have returned, after the crazy whirlwind that are our 20's, to your true self!

That is great! I'm in my late 20's now, and I can say it really is a crazy time! A million and one things are comin' at you all at once, and on top of it you're trying to figure out who you are in this world and what your purpose is.

Congrats, you made it though! Here's to a wonderful new decade!!

Catherine Chandler

Happy Belated Birthday!!! I was so excited to turn 30, and am looking forward to what this decade has to offer. I'm sure yours will be a blast!!


Happy belated birthday! I just loved this post and i think keeping a journal is so so good! Many people don't and i feel it's so important to me, because from time to time i re-read them and i find stuff like you did, other times i finally find out what i've been processing through years even. I think it's very important never to loose the track of the one you've been, to be able to remember the thoughts and feelings you once had, to remember who you once were, just to know what makes you still be you and all you've left behind. I think journals help me stay on my way somehow, like deep inside it's always been the same and the essential never changes but performs and shows up in different ways...



Wow! What a beautiful post. I hope you had an amazing and wonderful birthday, you deserve it!


Happy Birthday!

This is really inspiring. It reminds me of something my yoga teacher once said - "everything you are to be, you already are." I'm in my late 20's now, and am just starting to see how I've forgotten parts of myself, too, in the craziness of trying to figure it all out. Thanks for sharing this. I feel better knowing I'm not alone. Here's to a wonderful new decade of Jena!


I am definitely happier in my thirties than I was in my twenties - tenfold I think. Although I dreaded it in the run up to my thirtieth for some reason (I was very touchy about it to be honest - nightmare). But once I was thirty things were great to be honest.



Love this (frank!) post! Nice to get back in touch with yourself like this... Happy belated birthday!


Happy belated birthday!!
So much of this resonates with me! you've inspired me to get some of my teenage journals next time I go home to visit my parents, and share them on a blog post. it is truly amazing looking back at older journal entries - I've had a lot of those "what? i wrote that when I was how old? where did that come from?" moments.

I know exactly what you mean about not taking your own advice over the years. pretty much every to-do list or journal i've written in the past 12 years has "do yoga" written on it - you'd think i'd be doing handstands by now but (even though I have been doing yoga here and there throughout those years) I still feel like a beginner. I get mad at myself for not being more consistent with goals like that.. but I do my best to be proactive & remind myself that it's never to late. I also turned 30 this year (woohoo!) & decided that I WILL be doing handstands by the time I'm 35, damnit!
anyway, love your blog!

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