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Jul 31, 2012



Really intense exercise is my meditation -- it works better than anything I have tried for beating down those negative thoughts. By pushing myself way out of my comfort zone physically and getting into a body-over-mind mindset on a regular basis, I've proven that I can do things I never thought I could do, which makes me less inclined to think, "Well, I could never do THAT." Because I probably can do that if I really want to badly enough!


Oh no...we have the same mind gremlins! I can drive myself crazy with the feelings of "not enough'. In fact, I tend to wear myself thin to prove that I'm doing a lot...Removing stressful people and staying in constant meditation keeps me centered along with plenty of sleep :)


I've found this post at such an opportune moment.

"You are what you say you are. You are what you think you are. If you can shift both your thinking and the verbiage you use to talk about/to yourself, you'll be able to make some headway in the mind gremlin battle!"

It is so true, but when the gremlin's take over it's sometimes so hard to see that they are not reality and ultimately you can decide what your reality is. You create it for yourself.

You're so inspiring and I have found such sage wisdom and peace of mind from your blog. Thanks for this :)

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