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Jul 24, 2012



Jena, I think this is awesome! I don't know about you, but as a self-employed person who works from a home office, I feel like I'm busy busy busy all day but don't get much done. I find that daily motivation helps, during my meal and snack breaks I usually peruse the interwebs for work, fitness, health, and creative motivation (Pinterest can be used for something productive). Also, planning out my days or week in advance (day planners = life SAVERS) helps. After I'm done with my morning me-time, I look at what I have planned for today, tomorrow, etc and *do* something on that list. The lists change daily, naturally, but having them there is a good kickstart for me.

I look forward to seeing how your meditation works out! I'll have to give that a shot too, I haven't tried that yet.

Miss Modish

Yes the self-employed lifestyle is not as idyllic as it seems- so much freedom is hard to manage, haha! I have felt that busy busy and not getting stuff done- I'm not there so much anymore, I feel like I get lots done, there's just always more and I know I'd be so much further along if I could reign in the delay tactics and be as productive as I was today, for example!

Breaks for fitness and health and creativity are essential- glad to hear you do that, I do too! Will let you know how the hypnosis pans out. Thanks for saying hello! :)

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