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Jun 27, 2012



Your baby bloomers are all so beautiful! It's so hot here already that the flowers are bleached out a few days after blooming. :/ Your dad is going to be A-OK! Crossing my fingers for your aunt and uncle's house and for some rain to head their way. Lots of love and hugs!

Miss Modish

Thanks sweet Nicole! Love & hugs back to you :) Looking forward to seeing you guys up here again soon!


Oh gosh, gorgeous photos! Unfortunately flower season is pretty much over here in Austin; the only blooms I'm really excited about right now are my tomato blossoms! Come on, tomatoes!

Best wishes to your dad, aunt and uncle! Hospital visits are no fun at all and those fires are super scary -- I have friends in Boulder and Durango and they have fires all around them, yikes! Hope everyone stays safe and healthy and whole!

Brooke (DesignedByBH)

Best wishes for your family! If they're anything like your flowers they will bloom and thrive with glory and splendor! (And that's about all of the "fancy-talk" I have in me!) I've always liked poppies, but I've never seen a pink one--I'm in love!


Sending positive thoughts to your family!!
I LOVE your garden! The flowers look fantastic! I'm planning and planting my garden these last few months. I just moved into a new home with a patio/ garden.. So exciting!! After 14 years of apartment living! So far I have herbs, peppers and cucumbers.. New Guineas, lavender and hibiscus all doing well! Vaca next week then back to the garden! I know I need catnip for sure.
Yay! Your blog works on my new iPad!! Need to catch up on your posts now :)


Huge hugs...coming your way as always your photos are so special. Keeping your family in my thoughts-keep us posted.

Kim O'Brien

I'm sorry to hear that you have to worry about your father again. I hope you get to see him and give him lots of hugs soon.
Best, Kim

Linda Blatchford

Jena, I love all your flowers. I read you, but don't comment as often as I should.

Will send prayers your way for your dad.

Take care,

Miss Modish

Aw thank you so much Linda, I appreciate you taking time to say hello now! Thanks for reading & for the prayers :)

Miss Modish

Thanks Sandy! For the positive thoughts & garden love! So fun you get to plant a garden this year, yay! I should do catnip too- never thought of that! & YAY for it working on your ipad! :) jena

Miss Modish

Thanks so much for the good energy everyone, it's so nice!!! I wrote back to those of you who left an email address. You ladies are the best!

Karumina Carmina

Qué fotografías tan maravillosas!!! las flores son deliciosamente espectaculares... me has dejado alucinada Miss Modish y con todo el resto de tu blog!!! acabo de descubrirte y espero seguirte cada día para ver tus estupendas novedades!!!
Muchas gracias
y saludos


Me encantan las cosas que haces y tus fotografías!!!
PD/Espero seguir tu blog cada día...

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