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Jun 07, 2012



looks like a great day my dear! can't wait to see your new vid next week!! ;)


Occasional home worker couch dweller here!


The peonie! Gee whiz!


I just came in from outside to sit on my couch so I could write a blog post - I can get cranking here :) Love that you said you don't have the hang of the weekly videos yet! I made my first this week and definitely am not ready to make a weekly commitment to that so I shooting for every other week. That last photo really makes me want to plant some peonies. BEautiful!


I love the new direction your work is taking you! I've been reading your blog for years (I think it was one of the first blogs I ever really followed) and find this new stuff really great!!

Miss Modish

holla! Its the comfiest place to work from :)

Miss Modish

I totally remember your name from waaaay back, you have been reading for a long time! So glad you're still digging it- I had so much anxiety about changing the blog to better align with my personal direction, but it really was the only way to stay sane! hah! :)

Miss Modish

you're the best mister ever :)


I love this post, Jena! Your blog gets better and better with the years. The peonies & roses are delightful! I'm a super couch & bed dweller. I'm less productive on my desk than on my couch.


I'm glad that you're working on your ebook! You mentioned that some time ago and it's awesome that you're actually doing it now, very motivating for those of us out here who are action-takers as well and not just talkers :)

Keep it up Jena!


Where can I find that awesome notebook with the checklists in the first pic? Love your blog bybthe way!

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