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Apr 18, 2012


esther // paragraph cove

I'm so psyched! Thanks, Jena!


wow, where your parents live looks gorgeous. my dad still lives in the house i grew up in and it's only 15 minutes away from me so i go there a lot. it is fun going through old stuff!

Miss Modish

Yay, I'm excited too!

Miss Modish

It does have its gorgeousness! I ached for some green after growing up there tho. That's so cool you get to go to your old house anytime! :)


I have to know what movie your mom took you to that was excellent in your journal pic?!?!?! Please say you remember!

I miss pretend vests. :(
thanks for sharing these!

Melissa Crowe

I have that astrology book!

Miss Modish

I just looked it up and I can't even say, it's too dumb!! Oh man, 13 year old me was easily impressed. (ok, it was Twister. "Excellent?" Really? I was probably quoting my mom on that one.)

Miss Modish

Oh I love it! :)

Casa e Cose

What beautifull landscapes...America does have that. Stunning. Want to go back!

Julia @ The Spotted Sparrow

You are not alone! I too was a fan of the mock vest and those sweaters with the fake bits of shirt at the bottom. *cringe*

Meli (Blush + Jelly)

I always love going back home - brings back good memories and I always find some super awkward teenager pictures of myself that make me laugh.


Nice Sweetie! You're lucky you can go back through your old room! Great finds!!

Blenda Tyvoll

Whoa! That was a fun blog post to read!
There is nothing more wonderful than digging up those old treasures from the past. My mum too saved a lot of little childhood memories like old art projects from the first grade. So sweet!

Miss Modish

ah, where are you from? I want to go to there! (I'm sure, I want to go everywhere :)

Miss Modish

haha, yes! I had those fake bottom sweater things too. eww. Also, dickies! Did you wear those? Mock turtlenecks things which I wore under SWEATSHIRTS! Man, mom.

Miss Modish

haha, teenage pics, and journaled thoughts, are the worst!

Miss Modish

;) <3

Miss Modish

Thanks Blenda!! And aw, that's so cute she saved your art projects and stuff! Good mama :)


Hee, hello from the mysterious H, aka Hazel. I just wanted to say thank you again for my prizes! It's very exciting :D

Love the vikings, by the way! I have a Norweigian heritage too (I'm either an eighth or a sixteenth Norwegian...I can never quite work out the maths on that) and I remember loving the adorable/ugly trolls my relatives brought over for me to see.


That picture of the landscape with the fence and mountains in the background is so so beautiful. takes me right there, its awesome.

Connie | Daydream In Color

I love seeing these tidbits of home! That's my favorite part of going home. I go through all my boxes everytime and remember things like it was yeseterday! I totally had a journal & notes to my friends from middle school too. We thought the strangest things were important didn't we? I don't even want to look at old photos! Probably side pony tail & all.

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