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Nov 18, 2011



Awesome post, Jena! This is something I've struggled with, too, and I often get myself down seeing how "productive" other people are.

But when I really thought about my priorities, being happy in life (and part of that is continuing to love my job) is key. So not making myself crazy over work is also key. It's definitely a balance, and a learning curve, and still really really hard to say no to work, but I've found I'm a lot happier working less (and making less) because I get time to do so much more for myself.


Great post! Tracking my time... that's something I knew could be helpful but somehow avoided to do because I didn't want to know how many useless things I do during the day. But I'll try this week. I hope it will help me to distinguish what can be nice relaxing time from plain procrastination.


GREAT ideas!!
I know I am NOT a morning person at all, I am a night owl. For years I tried to force myself to fit into the "normal" work day, but then realized that's exactly why I work at home!! Took some adjustment, my hubby is retired military and really doesn't get me sewing at night, but we work at it and realized we both need to give in once in a while.


i agree, i just figured this out. NOW i write in the EARLY morning and emailing twittering etc non essential get done 3-5pm because i HAVE to leave and work out. its no wonder that SCHOOL ends at 3 and kids have afterschool after that. YOU need time to spend with your husband family and etc. YOu SIMPLY cannot work doing the SAME thing all day long. prov 31 is a good model she did aLOT of diff things during the day and got most of her work done at night. it just works better. IF you have kids it helps too. for me 2 pm is the BULK of activity and before 11am. 11 is like the end of the administrative day for me. I have to do something with my hands after that and talk to people, move around or go somewhere. It simply doesnt work any other way. For me 4am is when i get up and 5-8 are like the most productive writing time. I can do a large amount in a hour or so with no distractions and then im done and dont have to think about it anymore during the day.


This is a great post! Recently I took the plunge and started freelancing on top of doing a nine-to-five. So basically I come home and start doing even more work. I also noticed that my energy is always higher in the mornings, which is a not so good thing for my freelancing job, since I'm probably sitting at my desk at my nine-to-five job. But I figured out that if I come home after work and take a break for about an hour, I can get going again. I just need to stay away from the computer for one hour. So now I come home, sit down with a book or do some sewing and than I start working on my freelancing gig. So far it seems to be working for me. It's really all about finding your flow.


I agree with you Jena, finding where our energy ebbs and flow helps us to work better and smarter.
One of my favorite ways to work and I started this as a teenager. To take a nap in the early evening. Then get up later on around ten. I work until 2 am. Use, for how it feels to me, the quiet energy of the night to help me focus and get things accomplished.


jena, these posts are SO great and SO timely!

thank you for sharing your real thoughts and struggles out there in the blog world.
what a huge encouragement to know those of us who deal with many of these same issues are NOT alone!

i think the maven circle is great!
:) aimee


I know in the past I ended up making myself sick from working too hard. I had to take some time out, shut down my business and figure out what made me happy in life. I am now in the process of setting up as self employed again, and I have to say, its really hard not to fall back into the same traps. So thank you for the wonderful post, and for reminding me to prioritize, and go easy on myself :)


Sweet! What nice advices! :D Very useful, I have to say, especialy naw when we barely have time to feed our selves.. :(

Sweet! Thank you! :D


You should have a 'like' button for your posts recently. All very inspiring and thought provoking. Thank you.


I can definitely benefit from all of these tips. Thanks so much!


Your posts and inspiring and refreshing. I'm making a note to re-read your posts when I get back from vacation so I can get back to work on the right foot. :)


What a wonderful way to honour yourself and your time :) I try to do the same thing, but I have struggled with it on some levels.

I liked the fact that you took the time to monitor your week ahead of time. I can see how that would be a great way to actually see what your pattern is.

Thank you.... I will take your advice and monitor myself for a week to see what happens.

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