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Oct 25, 2011



This is going to be an awesome tool and community for people out there needing to feel like there not "the only one" going through the stress and frustration of running a small business. "Hear, Hear to the Maven Circle"!! Nice work J&J!


How exciting! Congrats, ladies!


LOVE it! just subscribed... :)


Very excited! :)


Love the name and the concept! Can't wait to see where you take it.


this is great!! i really like the idea and i'll definitely be subscribing!

also, this is one of my favorite quotes ever. i thought it was by Ralph Waldo Emerson though?

Brooke {Slow Your Home}

Sounds fantastic! Looking forward to seeing what it brings. Awesomeness, I'm sure!!

Miss Modish

Hmmm! I had to hunt down the answer- it seems it often gets attributed to Emerson (sounds like something wise he would say :) but credit really lies with William Morrow: http://quoteinvestigator.com/2011/01/11/what-lies-within/


Oooh, interesting! I had no idea. Thanks for digging into this! :)


This is a great idea. My new year's resolution this year (I'm still thinking about resolutions!) is creating balance. Can't wait to see how this all unfolds!

Hannah @ Sparrow + Spark!

This sounds really interesting! I go through phases with balance- sometimes it seems so overwhelming and then others I seem to have a grip on it. It would be great to sort it out though!


Yay! Sounds like a fantastic idea, can't wait to see what you present. Considering I'm currently working a 9-5, running a side business and planning our wedding... I think I need a little balance right about now.


Awesome! I totally signed up! Congratulations and I am super excited for you both (and everyone else) :)

Miss Modish

Yay! Thanks for all your enthusiasm everybody! We're super excited to share all that we have planned. Can't wait!

Tameka Mullins (Tamstarz)

I need to print this out. Very helpful. I used to do a lot of these, but as my work schedule changed, (currently looking for full-time employment) so did my morning habits. Nice!

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