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Sep 12, 2011



So awesome! Love how well the blue works with all the warm golden tones everywhere else. Hooray for an inspiring workspace!


Looks great!


I painted our tv room in that same shade of blue a few weeks back. Which one did you use? it looks beau-ti-ful! :-)


I too am curious as to what brand and color that is! I just moved into a new place and think this would look lovely in my kitchen :)


Whew!I was having withdrawals,so glad you're back.;-))It does look very fresh and relaxing. I love the touches of red orange with the pale blue-beauty!


So pretty! I love seeing peoples' workspaces. Love the color you chose. (And that orange cat picture!)


Your work area looks so serene. Can't wait to see what lovely ideas it brings.


Please share the color and type of paint you used, it is just lovely!


Looks great! Also, I definitely have the same secretary, but mine's a slightly darker green.

Miss Modish

Thanks everyone!! Glad you like the blue too- it's Martha Stewart Aegean Blue :)

Miss Modish

oh cool! Mine is a lucky hand-me-down that the Mr. scored, I really like it! I think it was brick red in a former life- the lady we got it from painted it.

Mandy Saile of Bijou's Whimsy

Wha a cozy space....and that threaded pictures is fantastic, did you make it?

Linda Blatchford

I love both colors. And, I'm glad to see someone else still has vinyl albums.

Looks great. Bet it feels organized and nice.


I am loving the colors you chose for the walls, especially the blue! Great job!


Thinking my sewing room is going to be a shade of blue, which is weird, I don't think of myself as a "blue" person. Though scouring the internet looking at offices and sewing rooms I am ALWAYS drawn to the blue rooms!!
Have fun in your new space!!


Perfectly cozy and bright, a beautiful space to sit, write, and work your tail off ;) I am anxious to see your new site and direction! I marked it on my calendar so I won't forget to check it out first-thing!


That blue is much calmer! I love that floral (textile?) art piece in the second picture - so pretty!


love it jena! maybe my bedroom needs a calm blue paint job ;) i love the meditation chair in between the windows! nice job


Love how this turned out! Looks fantastic! What a calming, wonderful blue hue. Heart, heart, heart!


We love the rooms ! The colors are perfect !
Can't wait for your new posts !


Sweet new spot Jena. We have the same bookcase with the same blue box haha. That blue looks like a real calming shade. Good choice!


Love the chair and the orange cat picture!! The whole space looks great!


My sister embroidered that exact large piece you had on the wall when she was a teen, about 35 years ago. It must have been a kit, it is the exact same colors.

Miss Modish

good ol' Ikea! ;)

Miss Modish

Oh, interesting! I bet you're right.

Rick Lyrek

Very cool! I like the plants, especially the vine just stretching out on that shelf there. Nice job!

Eleanor James

What beautiful colours! I never tire of looking at other people's workspaces, often with a hint of jealousy.


my grandmother had this exact embroidered print above her bed for over 27 years, it now hangs in my house. and here i thought it was a unique, one of a kind creation. it a really nice piece

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