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Sep 27, 2011



Looks awesome my love!! I can't wait for all there is to come from my favorite blog!!!! :)


Wow, it looks amazing! I'm excited to see all of the new changes that you are going to bring to your blog.

wishful nals

So excited for you in this new space! Happy you're back!

Angel Y.

Everything looks amazing! Congrats on your new blogging journey and I wish all success. Glad to have you back.


Yay! I'm so excited!! Wooohooo!


Wow wow wow! Absolutely love it!

Here's to mind-blowing success in your new venture.

Miss Modish

aww, you silly :)

Miss Modish

Thanks all you lovely folks!!


Beautiful new layout! I love all the white space and the branding, completely suits your colorful bohemian-ecclectic-vintage style. I'm looking forward to reading your new articles as a fellow new freelance PR person. (Also reseller and soon-to-be-Brick&Mortar-owner-person. Eek.)

Down and Out Chic

the new design is awesome! can't wait to see where you go from here. xo

Sherisa D

Jena this redesign and refocus is pretty brilliant. I just thought of you before going to bed (it's 2a here). Brilliant and bravo honey!


Love the new design and simplicity of focus. :)


OOH, pretty pretty pretty! Love the new look, and glad to hear you're stretching in new directions!


Love the new look! Looking forward to reading your blog again :-)

Laura Noble

ooh, love the new look!!


First time commenter, but longtime lurker, just had to say I'm loving the new look!


love your new space here!! excited for the changes, xox!


I know that I'll always love your blog, no matter what direction it goes in. I also know that I'm completely crazy about your new layout! It's amazing. I hope your back feels better!


LOVE the new look, the new direction, the new energy, the new journey!! Hugs!

bein good to me

Congrats on the new look and feel, it looks amazing!!


Yay! Loving the super fancy new design :)

Jennifer @ Eco and Elsie

The new layout looks awesome! I commend your ability to prioritize and thanks for staying in the blogging game! Looking forward to reading more of your new blog. :)


Oh this is super exciting! Congrats on all the change, Jena!


I'm inspired by your blog and am looking forward to the direction it's taking.

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