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Aug 01, 2011



I'm so excited about this Jena! It's just what I needed and I was JUST on Modish Biz Tips reading articles again. Perfect timing for me personally.

Have a wonderful August with the Mr. and can't wait to see all the new digs in September!


August really seems to be the reboot month for so many of us. Best wishes on your month off and I can't wait to see what happens here in September! :)


Have a great month off Jena. Taking a break can be totally necessary. Looking forward to cool new stuff here in Sept!


Have a wonderful August, can't wait to see the re-design in September :)

emily rose

I loved the BizTips and have missed them... i still have them bookmarked and look at them often! I'll miss the product info, but am very much looking forward to your new direction :)

enjoy the little summer we have! Make sure to go berry picking at least once, you wont regret it! (hillsboro has the best and least expensive berries!)


I'm so pumped about your blog transformation! I find your biztips really informative and fun to read. Can't wait to learn more from you and participate in some interesting business-type discussions! As always, thanks for sharing :)


I've been blogging more about pr/marketing/creative biz stuff too, it's just a natural fit when that's what you're doing all day. I'm anxious to see the new Miss Modish blog and add to the biz talk conversation!

Good luck launching the new blog and playing the balancing act of working -and- getting outside to play!

Tricia McKellar

Looking forward to whatever it is that's up your sleeve Jena! :)

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