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Jul 25, 2011


Color Collective

awesome, sounds like a great weekend! i love the way your tie-dye shirts came out- so cute!!

michael ann

your shirts look so fabulous! i did a dip dye/ombre project a couple weekends ago, and srsly now all i can think about it what else can i dye! i might have to try out bleach dying next :]

Katie, Interrobangs Anonymous

I'm a big fan of reverse tie-dyeing (or discharge dyeing, as it's also called). I'm always excited for the end product because since so many dark clothing is actually dyed with a combination of dark colors, you never quite know what the end colors will look like.

I wrote a (somewhat more detailed post than Honesty, WFT!) on our blog: http://interrobangsanon.wordpress.com/2010/04/02/diy-discharge-dyeing/


I slept through the thunder storm! Not sure how, my husband said our thee dogs were going nuts! Love. The shirts, walls and flowers! Did my nails too and they are orange also, too funny! Went to the Gresham Farmers' Market Saturday, it was packed, shocked up on fruit and vegies! Sure hope the weather peep are right about the sun coming back, I was getting use to the lovely days!


It's probably impossible to say this without sounding like a creepster, but you have beautiful feet (and flowers)!


On my phone and the auto correct is killing me! Three dogs. Love the shirts etc. Stocked up. Weather peeps.


Haha! The neckline on the first t-shirt on the first picture made me think of a laughing mouth with two buck teeth. I can't stop looking at it now. :D


love the tees. and, girl, you have the cutest toes! (diggin' the orange polish as well.)

Sweet Ronit

That color looks so fun on toes, and I love all the flowers you have going in your garden! Such a fun, creative weekend - I am officially hooked on dying!


So many pretty flowers! We're about to paint our entire house since it's all this ugly beige color. I mean who paints 2 whole floors the exact same color?! I love the agean blue so very much, it's exactly what I've been planning on!

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