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Jul 15, 2011



SO AWESOME!! She looks like such a good little explorer!
Cute Boogie!!!!


PURR-fect! Looks like she was having fun! No kitty's here, but we have 3 dogs, one of which looks just like the one in the picture with your kitty! Hope you are out enjoying this beautiful day!


Beautiful photos! Your kids are so cute! I had a really ridiculous leopard print harness and leash set for our cats that I tried several times throughout their lives, but they both had the same reaction to it every time: they lay flat on their bellies and hold real still. Pretty entertaining for me anyway! There is a woman who walks her cat down our street on a leash + harness... it is beyond adorable.

Sweet Ronit

She is so cute! I'll bet she loved it, especially on a day like today. And yes, let's keep our fingers crossed for more!

Catherine Chandler

Oh my god, this makes me laugh so much. We are crazy cat people too, and our kitties have leashes. The boy is fine with it, but the girl acts like she's going to fall over dead. I haven't taken them out in a while to our little courtyard. We live on a busy intersection so there's no way I'd let them roam alone.

Your dog's face makes me giggle. What a goof!

And I love the NOM NOM picture of the kitty eating grass. Precious!


In the forth photo it looks like she's playing lion. Cheers to kitty exploration!


Hey what kind of camera you´re using? really nice pictures!:)


I burst out laughing when I saw the 2nd to last photo! Your meow is adorable. :) I wish my cats were that cool with the harness. One of them just lays on the ground hoping it will all be over soon and the other one tangled herself up so badly; I thought she was trying to hang herself and end the torment. Never again with the harnesses...

Miss Modish

just my iphone, and thank you! :)


As much as I found this humorous I totally understand. I have two indoor kitties and sometimes I feel horrible that the dog gets to go out and not them. Living in downtown Denver is great but walking my cats on a leash here would be a nightmare for them.

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