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Jul 22, 2011



I've just discovered the German Johnson tomatoes since we recently moved to NC. I love all tomtoes but with this new discovery, all others currently pale in comparison. I get them field grown at the Triad Farmers Market and by Friday I am just hanging on by a thin margin until I can get my next fix. Yummy.

Sweet Ronit

That looks dee-lish, Renee! We're getting started late on our garden this year, so no tomatoes from our own yard. I love pretty much any kind of heirloom tomato, and I can't get enough of cherry tomatoes, especially the yellow ones that look like little pears.

susan fogwell

In my raised beds, planters and hanging baskets, I grow a variety in abundance: Beefsteak, Pretty Boy, Husky, Roma, Cheery and Pear Drop tomatos. Everyday: the classic Italian salad...tomatos, mozarella and seasoning.
Susan at dailysue.com

melinda ke

I'm growing cherry tomatoes and jalapenos...hopefully the stink bugs don't get them before I do! I wish I had a big yard to grow some watermelon and cantaloupe, they are always refreshing in this yucky heat.

Lindsay {Shrimp}

I'm growing three varieties, and I've had the best luck with the sweet 100 cherry. I literally can't count how many little guys I have out there right now, and the plant is pushing six feet.

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