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Jul 20, 2011


Purple Deer

Geez! It is easy.

Debbie @ Bridalhood

Love these - just posted my recycled antique flour sifter earring holder the other day but I love this too!

Adventures in Dressmaking

Stiffening spray! Of course! What a great idea!


This is such a great idea, and so easy! I never would have thought of the stiffening spray. Brilliant!


Wow...can I have all pf your earrings plz? Haha. So pretty!


Looks great! I did this to store my earrings a couple of years ago, except I just used doilies. Instead of stiffening spray I just pulled the lace really tight, and I didn't glue anything so it wasn't permanent. It worked really well and was totally sturdy without any glue or starch. I didn't want to cut the doilies so I just pinned them in the back. The only reason I stopped using mine was because my cats decided it was fun to pull the earrings out and play with them. Watch out for pesky cats!


I bought small, pretty hooks at the hardware store and nailed them into the wall in a staggered pattern above my dresser. I hang my necklaces from those. So easy, cheap, and aesthetically pleasing :) Unfortunately, they are overflowing and necklaces keep falling behind my dresser!


These turned out so perfect! Love! My parents gave me a giant jewelry box for Christmas, but the only thing it doesn't have is a good place for dangly earrings - might have to do this! :)


Just lovely - i wanted a printer drawer too but instead of buy a finished one from Bluebirdheaven - i got the drawer and did it up myself (http://toxiedesigns.tumblr.com/post/7517271373/my-birthday-gift). Another great idea is to use old picture frames stretched with lace/fabric.


WOW!! Too cool! It's so AWESOME that there are people like you out there that think up the, "How come I never thought of that," stuff of life!! Without your brilliant ideas I'd be one big hot mess!! Going to try to get out this weekend, hopefully I'll be able to get some hoops and give this a try!!

michael ann

so fabulous! such a great idea to use the stiffy glue, now i know what i'm getting next time i'm at joanns!


what a fantastic project! i have a hot pink plastic embroidery hoop that would be perfect for this!!


Great idea! i hang all my necklaces on a key holder, looks great anf fits heaps.


This is such a genius idea! Boyfriend and I are looking for a new place and I'm looking for ideas on how to store my things like this [you know, to keep them boy friendly ie not in a pile on the dresser] and this is GENIUS!

logging away.

x Di

bein good to me

SUCH a good idea! Too bad I don't wear earrings, haha. I've enjoyed reading a few of your commenter's ideas for displaying/storing necklaces but would love to hear more...so if you come up with anything snazzy please share in another post! :)


I have made these just as wall art, but gosh i just need to break down and make some as earring holders...even though i have something for my earrings already. but this sure is great...i would never have though to spray it with stiffening spray. thanks for that tip.

Miss Modish

YAY! So glad you all like it, thanks for the awesome comments!! :)

Handcrafted jewelry

Fabulous idea! I have some issues with organization and a lack of space. Your idea addresses both issues. I'm so glad I found your blog. Thanks!


Cute! I see fabric stiffener is the key.

Sharon @ Pandamoanium

Awesome idea. Am onto it stat!

Emily Maruna

Thanks for sharing this great idea! I've posted it on my blog, The Handmade Experiment. http://wp.me/pkcUM-Of Feel free to grab a button if you want to share the link love. Have a great week and I'm glad you had a good birthday!



I am so glad i found your blog. This is just what I need! For necklaces, I bought random vintage frames at the thrift store and nailed thin nails to the inner top edge to hang them from.


Oh wow I love this! thank you, just what i needed for my studded earrings!(keeps me from miss placing them!) :)


I know it's not crafty, but I use a belt hangar to hold my necklaces. It works great since most of mine are pretty long.


I bought some inexpensive shelves at Michael's. Painted them multi-colored and then painted black animal print on them (zebra, leopard, and giraffe). Once they're dry, I screwed in some small cup hooks to the bottom of the shelf to hang necklaces on. You can also lay over-sized bracelets and other pieces of jewelry on top of the shelves!

Karumina Carmina

Oh!!! me encanta la idea... te han quedado super originales y muy vintage!


these are just too beautiful! great idea and the materials just make them so pretty :) love it
please also have a look at my idea for diy earring holder: http://whatscraftdoc.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/diy-earrings-holder.html

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