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Jun 15, 2011



Really awesome in a good/bad sorta way!! I love those multi-colored bottlecaps!


Beautiful photographs, Horrible problem. Thanks for sharing this amazing project.

bein good to me

Wow, what an incredible project. The startling fact that refuse has been washed up from over 40 countries is the most eye-opening (and disgusting) thing learned from the project. Thank you for sharing!


whoa, it's like an environmental Andy Goldsworthy. Love the concept, message and images!

Lindsey @ Yarnia

Whoa, that is crazy! Do you think he moved the garbage at all for the shots? It looks so (beautifully?) arranged -- even more unbelievable if this is how he actually stumbled upon it. How weird/awesome/awful all at once.

Miss Modish

Oh yeah, its a very intently arranged art project. Strange how it can be so visually stunning but so disturbing all at once!


Everytime I hear about this problem - it makes me so sad. It's really great that this artist is using their art to bring awareness to this issue. And yes the images are beautiful, if disturbing, and a huge thank you for sharing for sure. But if anyone is feeling brave - just google images for "plastic ocean pollution" for the real deal. It's a serious eye opener. It's hard to fathom how big of a problem it really is until you see the mountain of pictures of the mountains of trash.

Also, if you do see the images and maybe catch some articles on the magnitude of this issue - it can and will probably seem like a very overwhelming thing. Just remember EVERYone can do their part. It just takes one to make a difference. And every little bit does help - really and truly. <3

Thanks, Miss Modish, for this great post!


This reminds me of the "5 'Unspoiled' Locations That Are Actually Pretty Spoiled" list from Cracked.com. The link: http://www.cracked.com/article_19173_5-unspoiled-locations-that-are-actually-pretty-spoiled.html

There's pollution everywhere...

Miss Modish

I know, its maddening. Thanks for that link!


unbelievable! Thanks for sharing this with us.


Fantastic project that has the potential to raise awareness of this ongoing and overwhelming issue. Stunning photos!

Meli (Blush + Jelly)

Wow, what an amazing project. This really emphasizes the importance of reusing and recycling plastics.


wow that's an incredible series. so heartbreaking but yet so beautiful all at once.

Elnaz Madadi

I love these pictures.
They are creative and beautiful.

Lady Estrogen

It's always creating a conflicting reaction when an artist creates something beautiful from something ugly - and it's one of my favorite concepts. Very (un)cool!! ;)

Clipping Path

To protect the environment against all environmental disaters this is a great idea.

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