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Jun 02, 2011



Oh, lovely for this girl in her stuffy office. I'll get out to meander in an hour when the sun is at its peak of burning power in the sky. :) Really, it burns a hole THROUGH you here in Florida.

This post reminded me that the last time I took a walk around my neighborhood and stopped to take photos of the lovely plant and animal details was Thanksgiving weekend, last year! I need to get out there to walk and photograph every day!

Color Collective

beautiful!!! i love all these photos so much!


What a peaceful break from work.

Miss Modish

isn't that funny how different our climates are? The thought of sun burning through my skin sounds a-ok right about now, hah! We're desperate for some sun here!

& yay, good reminder! I need to walk around & take pics more often too :)

Janee Lookerse

Hi! I found your blog today quite on accident but I really love it! I'm adding you to my reader right now!



nice momma!!


just sat outside for a few minutes to take in the delicious sun. the weather is lovely here today. glad you are also enjoying the air over there. love the pics

Karl T.

Gorgeous pics! The one with the amazing car in the driveway blows my mind!

On a side note, I just got back from the East Coast--and everyone thought it was so funny that NW'ers use the term "sunbreaks".

Miss Modish

hah, really? thats interesting! I wonder if I only started saying that since I moved to Portland- hmm! :)

Simone Leblanc

Beautiful photos!


Fantastic photos. I live just across the border in B.C. your plants are so much further ahead than ours this year. It has been so cold. My poppies have buds but nowhere near open yet. It's supposed to warm up this weekend, fingers crossed.


Your part of the world is so lush and beautiful...I always think 'Garden of Eden', whenever I see pictures of the NW. (More than a little envious!)

Walking around our area I did spot something really charming today...A neighbour had underplanted their dwarf cherry blossom tree in their front lawn, with a huge circle of strawberry plants! Visibly seeing scores of large strawberries- some turning red, was so magical!


Really beautiful photos!


You are a great photographer I love the scale!

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