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Jun 28, 2011



Lovely nails! I need to get some glitter in my life and on my nails.

Summer is knee freckles to me too! I always know that I have a "tan" if my knees, hands and elbows have freckles on them.

Sweet Ronit

Love the nail art! I'd love to hear some recs for a decent yellow polish, high or low end...


Give Zoya nailpolish a try! Eco and women friendly by making it their mission to remove harsh chemicals from the industry - and it lasts long too! Hoozah!


I am a fan of the yellow polish Revlon makes. Got it on my toes right now. Little bits o' sunshine!

Miss Modish

Oh yes, I love Zoya! I have a pretty mango-ish color from them :)


Love, love, love!! Mine are a bright blue/green with opalescent glitter!! We need all the bright sparkles in this drab Portland weather!!

Carolyn Cochrane

Love the yellow nails! I can totally relate to the knee freckles. And freckles on my face, and my arms, etc., etc. :)


Sally Hansen Insta-Dry really sucks. I think it's mainly the thickness of the paint and the awkwardly big size of the brush. You have to be quick and skilled to get a decent hand out of it. I got one in a foil silver color that looks nice when you get it right. But there are so many takes to get there. I swear by Zoya, OPI and Essie. I still haven't tried high end polishes like Butter and Dior, but I think it's worth it for a good home polish.

Miss Modish

Yeah, its so gloopy and bubbly that big brush, yes! No good. I do have some Butter polishes and like them a lot- the glitter ones get a little sticky but they cover super well!


You will love Zoya glitter polishes. I have one on right now with gold sparkle over a mauve solid polish. It's on my instagram. I have a new idea! I'll be back later haha.

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