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Jun 20, 2011



I love neighborhood cats. There were two (LeAnn and Popcorn) that used to visit my kitty on the fire escape of my last apartment. LeAnn had kittens (Frosting, Big Eyes McGee, Scardey Cat McGee) and they would all play on the fire escape until I grabbed LeAnn to pet her and then she was more skittish about me and the fire escape.

Good luck with petting him, hope you have better luck than me :)


Ha, these photos are great--the inside cats look so curious about the new comer, and vice versa.


what a sweet face!

Sweet Ronit

Yay! I've been waiting for your kitty post. That neighbor cat is so sweet - look at those blue eyes!


How cute he is!!! Beautiful blue eyes =^x^=


Such great pictures! My day also consists of yoga and to do lists...but I doubt I will be very productive...


That first picture is so good!


ag too sweet.....!
such a lovely visitor.
noef noef :-)


Gorgeous photos! It's hard to capture a skittish kitty, but the second photos is perfect. What a pretty little kitty bunny with an innocent face hiding mischievous ways!

I clearly miss having cats! Ah well, off to tackle -my- huge to-do list!


The outdoor kitty looks like he's asking if the other kitties can come out and play :)


Aww, I love this theme of posts. I too am obsessed about cats, and a well-placed kitty in a blog is such a delight. Now I know I am not crazy...? (You will pet him!)


I really like your kitty photo friday.


omgosh that is the prettiest kitty i've ever seen

and i LOVE your first pic. it is SO adorable and charming. you should make it into a print or something.

andrea (book-scout)

gah! he is the grey doppleganger of my new little guy, fergus:


nearly identical, except for f's crazy, 14-inch long tail. also, kitty photo friday is welcome any day of the week. :)

Carolyn Cochrane Photography

Aww, he is cute! I love his beautiful blue eyes. I'm sure you will pet him someday! :)


that first one is a GREAT photo. i love it.

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