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Jun 10, 2011



how cute!

my weekend plans are: pulling a zillion weeds and making chicken salad!


LOVE the photo! Amazed that you were able to get a camera in time to take it - there must've been something pretty eye catching outside! I enjoy playing with colors - looking forward to what you come up with for your office!


That is a great shot.
With mine this would be the only way I could get a picture of them all together. If any was looking at me there would be no sitting still.

I am changing litter boxes this weekend!
And doing some blog organization, and folding laundry, and other fun stuff.

Julia @ The Spotted Sparrow

This is my favourite kitty photo so far. <3

Miss Modish

oh good! :) and probably a shot Ill never have the opportunity to get again- this is definitely rare!


hilarious! and amazing :) and i wish i could have a cat! (right now i can barely take care of myself, let alone an animal so i'll just live vicariously through you). have you ever read patricia wrede's "enchanted forest chronicles?" if so, this photo reminded me of morwen and her many cats

Sweet Ronit

What a moment! I don't think I've ever seen our three together like that.

I am determined to get to work on our garden this weekend - you've inspired me!


They look so intent and alert - wonderful picture!

We just bought our first house this week - yay!!! - and it has a wonderful yard that has been overtaken by saplings and woodvine, so this weekend we'll be making the invaders wish they never took root >:-)


Your three kitties look adorable sitting together. I'm looking forward to buying a stove this weekend. Been without one for a month. I can finally bake again. Yipee. Have a great weekend.


I used to have a finch feeder in my kitchen window. We called it 'kitty cable', because our cats would sit and watch it for hours.


I love the kitty photos! I have 3 cats as well, and I have never seen them all together like this. I'm jealous! :)

Tricia McKellar

I love this photo!

Speaking of office make-overs, I've been hearing more and more about stand up desks and wondering if I might give a stand up desk a try. Have you tried a stand up desk?

Happy weekend Jena! :)


Awesome shot Jena! They are sooo cute!
Can't wait to see your new office when you finish it.
Just spending some time in my art room and we're going to
BBQ later.
Happy Weekend to you!


Love the photo! Can't believe they were all 3 looking outside, maybe kitties missed the sunshine too.


ok jena! that is the cutest!! ;)

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