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May 19, 2011



Oooh, so many nice things!! I looooooove those purses; the fabrics are wonderful! I also love the glitter earrings and asymmetrical bracelets are awesome! Great post, lady!


thanks jena! i just added a few more, and i'll be putting even more up next week :)

Lex makes punk clothing

Those rock rings are awesome! No wait, they rock!


good to see you back! I love the navy skirt! this is something I need now for the summer!
and the paper cutout is incredible!!

Monika from


Oh my goodness, how do you find these wonderful things? Thank you so much for featuring MyZoetrope and Sara Burgess's work...both are so unique and lovely. I can just imagine suspending one of those beautiful intricate paper silhouettes over a window and letting sunlight come through...I can't wait until I can buy a piece from both ladies.


I really miss you posting daily, but now I think it's all that more exciting when I visit and see that there's a new one to read! I'm going to try to make some of those funky asymmetrical bracelets myself this weekend. Have a fun one!


LOVE the Tiny Galaxy earrings and bracelets from The Dull Diamond! And of course the mid century chair by Sit & Read.

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