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May 18, 2011



This sounds so healthy! I'm trying to drink smoothies more but mine are naughty - banana and peanut butter! Not entirely bad for you of course (peanut butter even has nutrients) but not a patch on yours for health points!


Here's our favorite smoothie. We eat it year round, but don't have a real winter here in SF.


fantastic! makes my strawberry/banana/yogurt concoction look a little lame. but i do make my own yogurt, since it's so easy. and cheap.


I must try this!

My fave: http://honestfare.com/creamy-avocado-smoothie/ I was skeptical at first, but it's very good indeed!


Ha! I'm with Cat -- I love a peanut butter and banana smoothie! I make mine with flax oil, So Delicious coconut milk (this is a milk substitute like soy or almond milk, not the canned coconut milk you use in Thai/Indian cooking) and coconut milk yogurt along with the banana and peanut butter (and a little bit of ice). Dairy-free and yummy! I also love any combo of tropical fruits with some chia seeds mixed in. I haven't tried green smoothies yet but my favorite smoothie shop has a raw smoothie with spinach, kale, apples and oranges that I'm dying to try!


a banana, 5 strawberries, a 1/2 cup of soy milk and a handful of ice. i have acai smoothie packs to throw in every once in a while too. maybe i'll get a little crazy and start throwing in some green after reading your post!

Miss Modish

banana and peanut butter! my mister would like that, he eats banana and pb sandwiches, with honey! :)

Miss Modish

make your own yogurt? that's awesome!

Miss Modish

oh, try it try it! & what are chia seeds?? I'm going to have to look those up!

Miss Modish

Oh that sounds yummy, I love just banana and strawberries too. Yeah, try some green! You really cant taste it with fruit in the mix, and its nice to know the extra nutrients are in there :)


Soy milk, banana, frozen blueberries (my favorite, but any frozen fruit is good), spinach, peanut butter, flax seeds, oats, and sometimes a scoop of vegan protein powder. Delish. Even my son, who is among the pickiest of eaters, loves these.

Melissa Crowe

Ever tried freezing your bananas? I find this gives the smoothie an ice-creamy texture w/o the ice cream. (And I love my Vitamix!)

Strumpor wahlman

Try my smoothie, i have strawberry,yogurt,bluberry.


vitamixes are the best! my daily smoothie: banana, frozen blueberries, greek yogurt, spinach, broccoli, flax seeds and whatever other fruit is laying around. i'll have to try throwing a carrot in there. yay green smoothies!

Lindsey @ Yarnia

I like to use vanilla almond milk instead of soymilk, and throw a handful of whole almonds in the blender too, for some crunchy texture and extra protein, which is crucial to me if this is the only thing I end up eating before lunchtime!


Oh that sounds so good! I got a Ninja (poor mans Vitamix) and I was looking for delicious things to make. Just added this to the list!! :)


I love smoothies. Your recipe is close to the one that sweetie pie does for me, helping me to get more veggies in my life. You are so right, you don't even taste the veggies. It's just all sweetness.


yum! i love smoothies!

i wash, cut and freeze the fruit on a cookie sheet. then bag it once it's frozen.

my favorite is raspberries, a few straw berries, some lemon juice, a squeeze of honey, 1 serving/container of yogurt and some OJ.

i like my smoothies to be more like milk-shakes.

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