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May 13, 2011



I always use something called Ivy Dry.It contains zinc, and the stuff is absolutely amazing. If you truly want to do things the old fashioned way, though, how about a paste of baking soda and water?


Hope you are feeling better! When I got super wicked poison ivy I found the only way to sleep was ice packs, changed out every few hours.


I was poison ivy free for many years, but when it hit, it hit HARD, and then returned yearly to the day for the next three years with no additional contact!!!! Here's what I found. Make sure your wash all the clothes and anything else that you'll ever touch again that has touched the poison ivy including your garden tools with hot soapy water. Once you've got it, stay away from spicy foods and "hot"foods like coffee, chocolate, even breads. If you go on a little fruit and vegetable fast while drinking lots of good quality fluids (water, fresh squeezed juices, green tea) it will speed the detoxification up, and you'll be itch-free faster. Good luck. My heart goes out to you because it can be unbearable.


gah...I just got rid of the red bumps on my arms! we've got poison ivy hiding all over our garden. I used calamine lotion to dry up the rash when it was seeping (ew) and then I used vitamin E oil when it got dry, which seemed to help ease the itching.

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