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Apr 07, 2011



i loved this post! so many cool and pretty things. think i need a people pod...it kinda looks like a fig.

i'm hopeful that the sun will make an appearance ANY DAY NOW!!! this spring has been a drag.


I am a big fan of your blog, which is why I want to pass this Liebsten Blog award on to you. Thanks for being so inspiring!

You can check out my post for more info..

Renai @ Are You My Ghost?

Thanks for the link to Scotch Naturals! I've been looking for something a bit nicer than my usual polish and these look lovely.


oh, i've been wanting a scotch polish myself. today is the day. gonna order one, so i'll let you know!


Hi Jena!

I have tried the Scotch Naturals. The colors are great, and there is absolutely no smell.
And sometimes regular polish makes the skin around my nails feel irritated, so they solve that problem, too.
That said, it definitely doesn't last as long, and takes longer to set. If I put it on during the day, even when it seems dry, the coat is still easily damaged for a while. So I put it on at night before bed, and then get a good chip-free day or two out of it.

Lindsay {Shrimp}

I've been gardening all day - my tomato plants sprouted, and I was like a proud mama... Geek, I know! Love those needlepoint loafers and the ceramic vases!!!

meg w

since adopting our kitten last fall, i have become a cat person (or perhaps a "mortimer person" - in love with him & only him), and i'm tempted to get this cat poster for my office. too cute! only problem, there's no canadian kitty! mortimer says "meow, eh!"


The hanging human nest pod is AMAZING. But how the hell did that guy get in it without getting wet when it's hanging over the water like that?

Miss Modish

haha, good question!


Beautiful Photo! I really like that one!

Noodles and Waffles

The cat's of the world poster is wonderful.

Megan Leone

His fancy pod helicopter :). I was wondering the same thing!

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