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Apr 25, 2011



Awesome portraits my dear!! I wonder where the couple in the 4th pic down are headed?


Great find, Thank you for sharing these. I love the fashions


I really love the lady in the greenhouse too. All of those plants!


The group of men (third from bottom) are Shriners, which is an offshoot of Freemasonry. The name of the specific shrine must be Damascus. Wonder if they still exist. I bet they do!


They do and they are in my home state! Wow!


These are incredible! I can't help aspiring to be the kind of person whose portrait would intrigue people of the future. :)

Miss Modish

Me too! just eloped and off to a honeymoon maybe?

Miss Modish

oh, interesting!


sounds like a smart couple'uh lovebirds!


Wonderful pictures! Each one just begs to tell a story! And speaking of intriguing portraits - I recently read the book "Scribbling Women" by Marthe Jocelyn and it might be something you would enjoy. It is a collection of short biographies of lesser known women in history who recorded their out-of-the-ordinary life experiences in one way or another. From a Victorian woman who lived on a whaling boat to an Vietnamese doctor serving during the Vietnam war, their stories are fascinating (and I usually don't like reading non-fiction!)


I'm intrigued by Mr. Mustache. And the brother/sister? Mother/son? pair who are sitting in the same chair.

Miss Modish

Ooh, that book sounds really awesome and I love non-fiction! I will definitely have to check it out- thank you Tiffany!

Miss Modish

I love Mr. Mustache! haha! And the boy and Mom (?) I'm curious about too, she looks kind of forlorn...

Sweet Ronit

You really do find the best vintage portraits! I love that they came from the George Eastman House - I used to go there growing up. My favorite is the woman in the kimono-like robe - I just love her look!


The past looks so romantic doesn't it, 3rd lady down looks like she's starting her own cult. I really love suitcase man's cardigan and hat.


WOW, lovely pictures, I wonder what that lady (in the greenhouse) was thinking... I love her dress too.
Thank you for sharing this.


Old color pictures are SO amazing... We tend to forget that our ancestors lived in a full color world, just like us. It is amazing (and even a bit scary) how those pictures bring the past to the present, how those people that died long ago look like the neighbor next door in a fancy dress party... only that they wore those clothes for real, everyday.
Love all the pictures you selected.
This collection is very impressive too:


these are lovely! very intriguing indeed! I like the one of the woman and little boy sitting in the chair...Her face looks like a painting! Thanks for sharing these :)


Those portraits are amazing! I specially love the # 8, so sweet!

Laura - Mina + Oli

Yes love that throne ladys look as well! Great set of pics! Hope you don't mind I shared them on my blog as well, credited to you of cource!

Meli (Blush + Jelly)

Love these portraits! I've been having fun creating little stories for each image in my head.


So inspirational! thanks for the great post!

Account Deleted

SO amazing. I've been having fun creating little stories for each image in my head. Very intriguing indeed! I like the one of the woman and little boy sitting in the chair.

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