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Apr 06, 2011



That board is amazing! I have big plans to make a metal one painted with chalkboard paint so I can write out ideas and plans, but still be able to attach inspirational tidbits with magnets.

Ponikaa Girl

oooh! love a dry erase board with style! Thanks for sharing!


Love the new dry erase board. Your new office looks so cozy and colorful! Funny, I just posted a photo of an old workspace today :) I can't work without being surrounded by LOTS of color and art!


i'm so jealous of your work space, it is so cute!!!


What a pretty view! I think it would be nice to work in that sunny little corner:)

Alex Louisa

There's nothing better than finding special things for your office/studio space, especially when you work from home.

I do love dry-erase boards for listmaking. If I don't write something down, it just filters out of my brain, never to be seen again... A big easel is on my wishlist for my space now. It will make it very hard to move around in this tiny room, but I do need it!

I love the outlook that you have there too. So many lovely flowers that you don't usually see here in Australia. Thanks for sharing :)

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