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Apr 28, 2011



Good to see you back! and it is true that internet shrinks your day! Spring hugs to you!


You keep it up my love!! You've got a lot on your plate and you're still doing a better job than most would even be able to!! So you need to take a day off blogging for a day or two.....you deserve a break every once in a while!




you're doing great and doing exactly what you should be doing! change is always good. i miss you!! i'm following you on instagram now! be warned though...if you follow me, my photos are all junebug ;)


Sometimes you just gotta go where life takes you! If any readers are whining because a certain post doesn't go up at a certain time on a certain day, I'd like to see them try and keep up content like you and other awesome bloggers! :) I love your writing voice, so I'm glad you're not going away entirely, plus you already have a loyal following so no real worries there. And I loooove Instagram. Have you heard of Postagram? You can turn them into postcards for 99 cents! Now I'm doubly obsessed!


I'm so happy you were able to take a step and evaluate your situation. I can imagine it must been hard sitting in front of the computer when had such a gorgeous Friday and Saturday here. I hope you're on your way back to your center and if you wanna chill gimme a ring. Take care of yourself!

Sara Mitchell

I have that same green winking owl as you! There must be more out there. Start a club?

Purple Deer

Everyone snaps. You have every right to snap. You ARE INSANELY BUSY. At least you're admitting yourself you need to do less before you burn out, most people just try to take on too much. I praise you for showing a bit of reality in the "blog" world. It's refreshing and honest. I hope all goes smoothly for you.

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