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Apr 05, 2011


wishful nals

so pretty and funky! i am not convinced i'd be able to make this, but it would be fun to try!


Looks great Jena. I've loved that tutorial from Honestly, WTF for months. But it never entered my head that it could be turned into a necklace as well. Love the colors you chose. Kudos girl. :)


That is seriously pretty! I like the color selection, the mix of mediums...and admire how neatly you braided it all. Mine would be a mess.

Renai @ Are You My Ghost?

I love this! Your version is gorgeous!


this is beautiful! So cool!!




Good gosh - I've fallen madly in love with that blog! Truly fun. Thanks. And the bracelet job is nice! Think I'm loving the necklace more though. Very cool.

Sweet Ronit

Love it! Can we add this on to our list for summer day camp?;)

I started a lanyard bracelet following Love Maegan's tutorial:



I love it!!! you're so gorgeous! miss you, j! was in your neighborhood the other day and thought---why the H haven't we seen each other since Feb???? Wanna change that??


Ah, I found this the other day, too! You did a wonderful job, looks great! I haven't done any DIY projects lately, but I have several in the works. I did get some growth on my tomato plants and my herbs which I'm excited about (I don't have a green thumb, more of the dead brown variety).


That necklace is so pretty! I might have to try something like it myself.

My husband and I finished up this project last Tuesday:


These colours look so lovely!
I've had that project on my to do list as well :)

I've had quite a crafty weekend too and the first bits of it are up on my new blog: http://www.hurmur.blogspot.com/
I made this Native American style brooch that I just keep wearing!


That is a great project and one that is ripe with possibilities (as I am digging through the silk ribbon and yarn drawer)!

a sparkly pony

I went through a few prototypes this weekend for some planters to sell in our shop. Everything was going well until my cat decided to uproot all of the succulents when I wasn't looking!


That looks amazing! I think I will have to make one for myself. I've never heard of that blog but I'll be sure to check it out. Thanks!


Your necklace came out awesome!
I have been gardening...and my husband has been collecting insects.
I have photo evidence on the blog!

Emily M

I was busy puttering around the yard this weekend. Weeding, pruning, fertilizing, and planting new flowers. I'd bought 4 giant clay pots for our patio in the fall and finally got around to filling them up. Can't wait for all the fertilizer to take affect so I'll have bountiful flowers to enjoy!


this is beautiful! So cool

Melissa Crowe

Ooh--I love it! Nice job, lady!


Awesome awesome awesome! I'm going to try something from that blog--I'm inspired!

Megan Leone

I love it Jena! I also love the painting you did for your friend a couple weeks back. I have been so bad about posting my projects, but I am with you. :)

melinda ke

Quite snazzy! How come none of my projects turn out this nice?!

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