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Apr 20, 2011



i love this painting!


How amazing is that? And you just started? Such a thoughtful gift.


What a beautiful idea, and what a lucky mom.


'Love the little Pointillist details around the house!


I absolutely love the sky!! So pretty. Maybe you have found a new calling?!


Yes, I love the sky as well!! super-awesome job my love!

Sweet Ronit

This one is super sweet. Your mom is going to love it!


I love this! Best part: the sky.


Such a colorful work of art. Your Mom is going to just love this. Anything handmade is always very special, after all, it comes from the heart. Nicely done :)


I've been playing with flowers...because we're still getting snow here in Chitown!



That is gorgeous!! It must have made your Mom's heart sing :)

Laura Noble

what a lovely painting! I'm sure your mum's over the moon!

Mama Kimmberli

Another awesome painting!

How do you come across your talents? Is it something you come by naturally or have you had to practice and study?

I have my "Wish List" on my fridge - "learn to paint" is on there right below "buy an old easel".

I'm skittish about taking a class to learn how to paint. I guess it's like writing, in my mind. Once you've learned the basics, it's just something you teach yourself, and you either embrace it or you don't. But this is coming from someone who has never painted with anything other than my childrens' finger paints and water colors. (I don't think spray paint counts...) :-)

Anyhoo, I surely love the variety of arts and projects that you share. I look to your site for inspiration and ideas everyday.

I'm sure your mother will love the painting for more reasons than its cool creativity. It has a lot of personality, too!

Dryden Driggers

I still can't believe you just took up painting this is gorgeous. Your mom will absolutely love it, I'm sure.

Last week I made an Easter Bonnet out of marshmallow Peeps. http://designateddryden.com/?p=553

Last night I made a wind chime inspired brooch. http://designateddryden.com/?p=572


this is beautiful!

i've been writing a lot lately.


Wow! Your painting has improved so much! This is a great painting. I'm sure your mom will love it. I haven't been making that much this last week, because I've been sick. I did work a bit on my Macaron dress though. It's coming together nicely.

I'm also working on a new blog design. I decided to move over to typepad, but I'm still using a rather dim standard template. That's something that has to go. :P

Miss Modish

Thank you SO much for your kind words everyone, wow!


i really love this! your new-found painting skills are exceptional, i'm so jealous. your mama should be so pleased!


It looks amazing. You are getting so good!

Mama Kimmberli

Jena, if I may, thank you for the info. I appreciated the personal response, and will be following up. If I could learn as well as you have, or even a smidgen so, I'll be stoked!!!

Thanks again!!!!


A lovely gift your your mom, Jena!!


How cute is that! Love how the house radiates happiness! And those mountains look a little bit like my beloved ones in Colorado. Nice job, Modish!

The Occasionista


I didn't know you were a painter, too- so beautiful and colorful!


That is gorgeous! I love the combination of bright pink/green and the dot detail!

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