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Apr 15, 2011


Renee Garner

in case you don't check twitter often, here is Jena in 139 characters: you are a kind, fantastic woman, filled with talent, an unusually good eye for design, pace setter, & are all around awesome.


Naww, you rock. Chin up! Seriously, would so many wonderful people look to your ideas and creativity if it weren't true? :)


Thanks Jena! I'm having ONE OF THOSE DAYS too and just seeing your beautiful photo has made me feel instantly better.


J, remember that these days round us out. They hurt, yes, but they allow us the capacity to feel stronger when the good days roll around again. They allow us to experience those days with more clarity and love. And like the others have said---you got it, girl. You are such an inspiration. And by all means, If you need to take a long nap with the kitties, do it.


Awwwww,chin up-you rock. A glorious weekend of gardening and sun, thrifting, enjoying good food,creating and laughing will fix you right up.I know your cup runneth over with work right now, but that's a good thing right?


Oh! and the kitty photo today is especially beautiful.

Tea Please xx

awww they are so cute xx


I hope it gets better. We all have those days! Have a lovely weekend!


Have your cats inspired you to choose this wall paint color and this curtain color? Beautiful picture. :)


ugh. the very worst kind of day. but there's comfort in knowing these feelings usually pass. hope your weekend brings better days.


I have those days, and the best thing is truly to curl up with cats and little cakes.

a sparkly pony

your kitties are THE best models! Even if Max is doing an excellent pose, and I take a shot, there is sandpaper and paper scraps all over the floor!!!!!

Jennifer Wilson

i just want to say that i think you are the bees knees


thank you for sharing. I had one of those days and its helpful to hear other people are human and bouncing back from a bad day too. thank you for being brave enough to share it here.


Your photos are so sweet, the cats are too adorable.

Catherine Chandler

Oh dear! I hope your weekend has been blissful and relaxing! Especially today...it's sunny! And may this next week be SPECTACULAR!



Your cats are beautiful, and I love the green and yellow and the light filtering in from the window in this photo. I hope this week has gotten off to a good start and less stressful :)

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