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Apr 15, 2011


Mama Kimmberli

I can't wait to check out the Sprout Robot. I consider myself blessed with having at least one-half of a green thumb, but I find myself with a slippery pickle this year.

Our house is already "pre-planted". We moved here in December, and I'm unearthing mounds of old leaves and yard waste to find new growth. Some I can identify, some I can't. Either way, I'm nervous to plant anything until I know what I have.

Additionally, I've been planting organic "Victory Gardens" for the past few years, cramming dozens of veggies, savories and fruits into a small space. Here, in this very old neighborhood, I am skittish to plant anything edible in the soil for fear of the soil's lead content.

So this leaves me with container gardening. I've never had much luck because I prefer to direct plant. I inevitably over or underwater my container plants and usually overseed. Then I'm left with sorting and dividing. Too chaotic for my A.D.D. brain.

So thanks very much for the recommendation! Hopefully this will help me discover where my skills are now that I'm in a totally new environment!!!

Happy Greening!!! :-)

Lindsey @ Yarnia

That is so awesome! I wish they had a windowsill version for those of us basement suite dwellers. I get great sunlight in my living room, but I don't think it would necessarily be the same deal as the Patio Garden. If I ever move out and have a real backyard, I'm signing up for this for sure :)

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