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Apr 01, 2011



what a great idea, i wonder if the honey will bring out a gentle flavour? let us know how it tastes:)


Oooh goodness! I've never tried violet before. I think we have some in the yard, similar to the ones you picked. I will have to investigate!

I have to admit, as far as flowers go, I usually don't pick things flavored with them. However, a few years ago I was pleasantly surprised by a Rose Water Truffle. It was the most amazing thing ever. I will have to keep an eye out for violet candy, I know they make it. I'm excited to explore new tastes...tastebuds watch out! :-)


I know that I've seen a candy called 'violet crumble' before, and I think it was Austrailian. I've also seen sugared violets on cakes and frosted cookies - very pretty!

Georgene Lockwood

The Victorians candied them (rolled them in sugar) and used them to decorate cakes and such. The French make a pastille (lozenge) flavored with violet flowers. They taste and look (come in a very pretty tin)like something a French courtesan would favor.

Georgene Lockwood

Just for fun I checked online. Here's a link where you can see the tin and even buy the pastilles if you like. Now to see if I can find a recipe somewhere!

Georgene Lockwood

I found one for violet jelly. It's GORGEOUS. They recommend waiting until the buds open though before picking, for more intense flavor.


That violet honey is a great idea. It looks so amazing! Now I'm off to figure out how to grow these in my apartment so I can try!

Mama Kimmberli

Until you're ready for recipes, I suggest that you use spiderwort as a garnish for anything - fruity drinks, desserts, snack trays - it just adds a feminine flair to all things yummy.

One other thing I forgot to mention that I enjoy is lavender, found in a lot of French dishes. Makes sense to me that something so aromatic would taste good, too.

Bon appetit!! :-)

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