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Apr 04, 2011


Lillian (Unstitched.)

What a sweet post!! Congratulations on your blog's fifth birthday! It's so crazy, the way time passes with the blog. It's so hopeful to hear that even five years later, you're still finding your voice :) Thank YOU for being such an amazing blogger - it's been so wonderful, following along your journey! :) Here's to many more years ahead! :)


Congratulations! You have shared so much inspiration during that time.
(I love those first two photos!)


Congratulations!! What a wonderful accomplishment! xoxo


congrats! that's a huge accomplishment and i'm so glad you have continued to blog. your story is an inspiration!


Congratulations! I agree, it feels like finding the perfect voice and blogging style is ever-evolving. This is perfect, because it helps us develop our writing/photography/art skills: it's the perfect form of "practice". I love how blogging is both an important outlet to connect with like-minded individuals, but also a path to self discovery.

I'll keep reading you in the months and years ahead, I hope :)


YAY! Happy Birthday Modish! Congrats! I enjoy your blog every day. I've been so inspired by your work here, as I'm sure many others have. :) Thank you so much for sharing!


Congratulations Jena!!!!
Here's to many many more years and a continuation of finding your voice!!! I hope you keep it up-- I look forward to reading a lot more!!!


Congrats Jena! It's so amazing that you were the FIRST major handmade blog! What an accomplishment!

I love that 5 Quakers picture. It's hilarious and creepy at the same time.

Donna Parker

Congratulations. My day would not be complete with reading your blog. Thank you


Yay, congrats!!! Your blog is one of my daily must-reads and has been for a while. I enjoy immensely what you do here. :) Love the roundup of vintage 5 photos, too!


happy FIFTH my love!!!!


Congratulations! You and your blog are so awesome, lady. xo

Sweet Ronit

Congrats!!! I love this space and community you've nurtured online! And when it leads to a real-life friendship - even better. Keep on following that voice; I'm looking forward to seeing where it leads...

jeff reine

From all of us here at TypePad: Thank you and Happy 5th!!


Jena,your blog has become a bright and happy part of my day. I love the fun,uplifting feel of your blog,my eleven year old daughter(a jewelry maker in the making,who loves fashion and trends has also become a loyal follower.)I love that this is a place that she can come without me ever having to worry that she will see something/read something inappropriate.What a fun and refreshing place to visit each day. So happy you make the time for us each day.


Jena! I love your blog. I've been reading it for many years now and it is also a great read. And I've bought many a beautiful item (handmade of course) based on your suggestions. Thank you!

Down and Out Chic

huge congrats jena. your blog is a staple in the blogging world, simply put, and you deserve every success you reap from all of your hard work! xo


Holy cow five years! Congrats!! Clearly all the work and love you've put into it has paid off. :)

Megan Monique

Thanks for sharing all of that here! Another reminder for me that success takes true consistency and dedication.


HAPPY BRITHDAY! And what a great, funny collection of images!

a sparkly pony

happy birthblogday!!! your post is super encouraging and inspiring... and so is that picture of those 5 birds!


Awesome, congratulations! Love the old pictures of groups of 5.

carol ann

That was the most creative way to blog your 5 year birthday... I so enjoyed each and every picture...
Congratulations! You and your blog are so awesome !!!
Hugs, from Carol Ann & Coco


Congratulations, Jena!! You are fantastic!!

Mama Kimmberli

Congratulations on finding your "blogging voice".

I was relieved to hear that 3400 blogs later, while an incredible number, far surpasses what I've accomplished (so there is hope). And while I try not to eyeball the stats to see if anyone cares, I admit (ashamedly) that I do.

Your posts, pics and offerings are awesome, and I'm a new and eager follower. Keep us coming back!!!

PS - Wendell, the neighborhood "stray" housecat, came by to visit on Saturday night. I gave him a slice of cheese, and we were pals. He's been by daily since. As his ample frame was gulping down the cheese, I couldn't help but think back to your blog!!!

Catherine Chandler

Happy Birthday!!! What an accomplishment :)

And those kookaburras are adorable!!!


Wooo hooo! Happy blog birthday, Jena!

Simone Walsh

Congratulations! That's a great achievement.

You featured me as your 'site of the week' way back in 2006 and it made such a difference to getting my business off the ground at the time, so thank you!


Congratulations! Happy Five Year Anniversary!! -Colleen


Happy blog birthday, Jena!! xxx It's heartening to hear what you say about finding your voice - it's been 2 1/2 years for me, and I feel like my blog voice is still something that's always evolving and growing!


Happy belated blog birthday! Love all the old photos you provided with the post! Keep up the good work, it definitely shows how much it pays off! :)


Happy Five Years of Blogging, Jena!! Love the idea of celebrating with pictures of groups of Five.


Love these! Congrats... glad to see the fruit of your 5 years of labor. Keep going ;)


PS. Thanks for introducing me to Betty (Bloomer) Ford. Never knew she love to dance...

Lindsey @ Yarnia

Hooray, Happy Fifth Birthday!! I just discovered you this past year but always enjoy catching up on your posts :)

Kristen- Marinade Handmade

Happy Belated Blogiversary! I have loved reading Modish from day 1! Wishing you many more success's in the next 5 years!

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