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Apr 22, 2011


K Hutchinson

I totally love this! I guess I am going on a hunt :)Happy Earth Day!


Excellent idea!! I don't have a garden, I really miss it. Especially in the sun


love it. now i'm eyeing up the filing cabinet in my office at work. hmm...


I love that idea! I live in an apartment and there is a decent backyard but we can't garden because our landlord owns the property, but this might just satisfy my gardening cravings. Any idea what you would do with the left-over drawers?


I really like this idea...I know what I will be looking for at yard sales this spring!

Modern File Cabinets

What an awesome and inspiring idea. I own a company that provides file cabinets nationwide. I promise I will pass along this idea to consumers who are constantly throwing out old cabinets. Thanks so much!


Great idea! This is one solution for people who love gardening but do not have a large area. Actually, other items that are no longer in use can also be used for useful things. We must be able to use it well.

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