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Mar 09, 2011



I love all these picks Jena. Especially that ring (the last one) and the handpainted shell- oh my! Thank you so much for giving papernstitch a shout out. I absolutely love Three Little Ducks. I kind of want everything in their collection. :)


Wow all these pieces are beautiful, but those striped vases really caught my eye. I've been dreaming of spring a lot too lately- let's hope it comes soon! :)

coolranchstudio / oh chalet!

beautiful picks - and that towel IS you! ;) thanks, jena!


Loving those striped vases and those wee carrot earrings - so perfect.

melinda ke

I love the kitty tea towel!


Someone in my family used to have that tea towel.


That ring is wicked cool. Yes, I just used the adjective wicked.

Kathy D

Love the earrings. Very, very unique. I guess I'm biased since I design jewelry as well and always like to see others creativity in that art form. Those cutting boards are also great, I have one and everyone complements me on it! Very nice presentation of items and photos.

Mayi Carles @ heartmade

jenaaaaaa stop it! you're going to ruin my wallet with your LOVELY finds!


I love the carrot earrings and the cutting board.
I think I am just attracted by vegetables.


I think I need one of those cutting boards. or a few:)
thanks for including me jena!

Camille/Red Onion Woodworks

Thanks so much, Jena, for including my shop among such great finds. Very nicely done.

Miss Modish

oh wow, that's a cool coincidence!

Nancy U

I do want to go into "the forest" picture. Its a relaxing vacation on a wall.


It's sooo gray here too! Dreaming of Caribbean island with white sand and warm air :)

Chelsea Inglish

I LOVE Jennifer Davis! Her paintings are so awesome.


those cutting boards are AMAZING!!!
seriously swooning.


I love how all your pieces are colorful and unique, yet somehow subdued and subtle. That last ring is so beautiful! Excellent design, perfect for a gardener.


ummm those vases are to die for.


LOVE the cutting board!!

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