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Mar 30, 2011



This stuff is amazing, I'm especially loving those tights! Thanks for posting!


I love them all!
WOW!!!! Tights are super


Great finds. Really love the tights and both paintings:)


THOSE TIGHTS!!! Oh man... those tights.


I love those tights, the colors look so pretty together. The muted tone are great.


I love those tights!

Kristine Joy

oh my goodness I am in love with those kronkron tights!

Also, I'm a loyal safari user but those tab groups sure look handy

amber kane

Those leggings are amazing.


Oh I wish I had the legs to wear those tights. They are spectacular. I have forwarded the link to my daughter for her consideration. Thanks for the great find.

The Vintage Cabin

Lovely finds! You have a fab eye, missy! Thanks for including my clock. :)


Just got to say I don't have a clue how you did this.. but your site is amazing... Wish I was that talented! Good job! and the Jewelry is amanzing.. I want it all! :) ~ Kim

Mama Kimmberli

Such interesting things you present here - have you viewed Alexis Rockman's art? I read about him in The Smithsonian.

PS - I continue to enjoy all of your posts and pics of cats - they are such misunderstood and amazing animals!!!



agh! the tights are so cool. and i like that sketchbook bag! i'm a huge fan of amber and her work. not only does she make really, REALLY quality things, but she's also about the sweetest person you will ever meet.


The price on those tights really hurts but WOW are they killer?! So pretty!


So in love with those tights! thanks for sharing. Also, I've had those awesome colorful moccasins in my favorites from Action Vintage for awhile now!

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