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Mar 24, 2011


indobay inc.

Oh how I swoon over these lovely finds! The wooden rings are just over the top FABULOUS!! I actually listened to that CD by Mazzy Star when it was new and I still have it. Thank you so much for including my tea towel...I'm still blushing. :)

Mama Kimmberli

I hear ya on the Mazzy Star thing...I admit that I wasn't a "kiddo" when I bought the CD - more of a precocious teenager. I love your pic of Liz Taylor. What an unusual and adorable find. I will never forget her interpretation as Cleopatra. Thanks for sharing!!

Nancy U

Those famous Liz Taylor eyes and fabulous eyelashes? All natural. She was born with a double line of eyelashes and very rare violet eyes. And of course you can't go wrong with a kitten in your pocket!


Yea for Mazzy Star! You should also check out Hope Sandoval and the Warm Intentions and Air's Cherry Blossom girl Hope Sandoval remix (it is so hauntingly pretty). If you can't tell I am big Hope Sandoval fan :-)


Jena! Those Jeffrey Campbell shoes are to die for and those glasses? Awesome. Have a great weekend.

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