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Mar 31, 2011



absolutely gorgeous!


Oh Jena! Adoring Cassie's work is another thing we have in common! She's amazing or maybe amazRing? Your ring is beautiful and I can't wait to see it in person.

lesley [smidgebox]

gorgeous! it looks like a sparkly night sky, i love it. way to reward yourself! you deserve it :)
{ps - i also have, ahem, "generously sized" fingers. ;)}

Miss Modish

oh good! hahah!!


Oh, Jena, I so loved working with you to make this ring, and I'm soooooo glad you like it. Sparkles for a total gem of a gal! (yes, that's right, I'm cheesy. ;)

Miss Modish

and that's why I like you so :)

Becka @ Life as an Artistpreneur

Oh I love it.


OMG so lovely! I've had my eye on similar pieces lately, just haven't taken the plunge yet. :) Its the perfect reward!

Chroma Lab

Wow, Cassie, great job!


Oh my that ring is fabulous!!!!!


Wow, those stones are absolutely beautiful. Love your blog, I'll be back. Check out my blog when you have a moment.


Love the ring, love the jewels, love the gem shop! I will have to keep that shop in mind in the future!

Great post Jena!


Congrats on the new ring! What a wonderful gift for yourself. I love love unusual gems and stones. This shop is a true gem. Thanks for sharing,
Melissa :-)

Down and Out Chic

wow she is really talented. this is definitely my type of ring. the only custom piece i've ordered was my wedding band and i'm so glad i did!


i'm totally on the look out for a new ring!
her shop looks gorgeous!


I just checked out the gem shop- fabulous link, thank you! Love the sparkly drusys....

Pollen Jeelry

Beautiful - both before and after! thank you for sharing :)


HI, could you please send me the contact of Cassie?
My email is lestageminerals@hotmail.com
Tks, Macarena

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