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Mar 21, 2011



I'm impressed you're up to even see the sunrise!


Good job gettin' up early my dear, I know it's not easy!
I love all your office ideas, get 'em all I say!!


I don't have them but love the FLOR tiles. I would love some funky combination of texture and color in my studio space. And I just saw the bamboo dry erase board somewhere and thought, "How awesome!"
A good workspace is essential for productivity as well as your own peace of mind. Kudos for taking steps to get there.
PS. The cat is gorgeous.

Miss Modish

oh yeah, I was up at 5:30 this morn! (with the Mr- he has to get up that early everyday) I think it just made me move slower tho, don't feel like I've woken up properly yet!


Ooo leave it to you to share pretty pretty things! And hooray for offices with kitties on the desk! :) Overstock.com actually has some decent things, and Fred Flare & Modcloth both have cute housewares/office things (who knew?).

Sweet Ronit

No wonder you've been so productive! The space looks so neat and organized. I love the clock you linked to and that pillow cover!


FLOR is a great product. We have it in our office and have had it for like 5yrs +. It's cool cause you can organize the colors as you please. Then when your bored. You can re-organize it again and again! So go for it. I think your ideas about your office sound super cool. Wait, do you think the arm rest for the CB2 chair would be comfortable after a while?


Your office looks pretty and cozy!

I don't retail much anymore either, but I did take two random trips to IKEA in Orlando (2 hours away), and their office chairs are both practical and beautiful! I don't know if there's one near you, but it's worth the journey if there is. You'll find lovely things for your office.

Target has well designed pieces as well...


We have FLOR in the living room and kitchen, and I love it! Easy, attractive, and in some cases, highly scrubbable.


We have FLOR tiles on our living room and love them! They are easy to move, easy to clean and easy on the eyes. I cannot recommend them enough - and I love the colors you've chosen above - how cheerful! (I'd love them in my office.)



pretty! pretty! that's a nice view you have a sunrises jena ;) 5:30 does sound a bit early, but good for you! i have been wanting to try out FLOR as well. i love everyone's comments - and love the color combos you are thinking about. i think you can get samples of FLOR tiles as well. congratulations on your house becoming your dream home!


We have FLOR tiles and two dogs. The pet hair sticks to the tiles like a magnet. I won't do it again, as cool as they look when clean-which is for about 2 minutes after we vacuum!


I just bought a couple of great pillow covers very very similar to that on Ebay. You should take a look there, I got them for around $12 and they had hundreds of patterns.


oh! I have your ikea curtain too, love them, but I turned them on their side and used them as a shower curtain!


Miss Modish

oh cool, thanks for the tip!

elissa @ faucethead

flor tiles make every space better especially an office that just needs some added comfort and a dash of color!


I love that embroidery you have! Where is it from? A kit, self done?

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