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Mar 22, 2011



cutest feather ever!


looks so awesome sweetie!! maybe i won't have anymore bike-crash dreams!

Miss Modish

I hope!!!


I bet the kitties will love to play with that! I know mine would-they love feathers.

Cute Jena!


LOVE this. I've been wanting one so bad lately!

beth c

so cute!

I made a painting for my etsy shop!


That's beautiful!! I need a dream catcher! Love it jena!

melinda ke

Cute! I need to make one of these to catch all the bad dreams I've been having lately!

janelle haskin

Wow!! Thats really cool, I can't wait for the tutorial! Nice job! :)


Georgene Lockwood

I LOVE that! Including the "homemade" feathers. Looking forward to the tutorial. Kudos for trying your first one. I'm working up to that one.

I'm in a ducks, bunnies and chicks kind of mood so I'm making some thread and bead covered Easter eggs for the studio tree and some pom-pom ducks, bunnies and chicks. Oh, and I started planting a terrarium and now have three in progress. One thing leads to another.


i think dreamcatchers you make yourself must work better, don't you?

thanks for the tutorial heads up...i need to start hunting for branches in berlin!



I really like your dreamcatcher! For my creative project today, my boyfriend and I started the process for making homemade bacon-infused vodka, and we made stuffed bell peppers for dinner.

fine little home

i was planning some fun crafts for my sons Pow Wow/tipi party next month and these would be fun to make! plus one for the tipi for a little flare!


Haha. That's so cute!! The day before yesterday I started up a new project... knitting a pair of cable fingerless gloves. I've been wanting some soo badly it's not even funny! But they're so expensive.

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